Dr. Jordan d'Eon


Dr. Jordan d'Eon grew up in the Acadian fishing village of Pubnico, Nova Scotia. He has had a strong interest in becoming a dentist since he was fourteen years old. As the first step to realizing this interest, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honors from St. Mary's University. After that he attended the Dalhousie Dental School, graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011.

He currently lives in Stratford and enjoys playing hockey in the winters and boating in the summers.

Dr. d'Eon's patient care philosophy is simple: identify the problem, discuss the possible consequences and solutions, and let the patient decide what they would like to do.

List of Awards

  • Dr. Frank Woodbury Memorial Prize for highest academic standing in fourth year dentistry
  • Dr. D.S. Precious University Gold Medal in Dentistry
  • Dr. J.D. McLean Scholarship for outstanding scholastic achievement
  • American Association of Endodontists Prize for exceptional ability in endodontics
  • Nova Scotia Dental Association Prize for second highest academic standing in third year dentistry
  • Gaum-Brayton Endodontic Scholarship for greatest proficiency in Endodontics
  • The John Phillips Memorial Scholarship (Canadian Academy of Endodontics) for highest academic and clinical standing in the Art and Science of Endodontics
  • Dr. Terry Ingham Memorial Scholarship for a student who exemplifies strong ethical and humanitarian principles
  • Faculty of Dentistry Gifts and Memorial Scholarship for highest scholastic standing entering first year dentistry