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Meet your Charlottetown Dentist

Meet your Charlottetown Dentist

Dr. Peters (902) 894-8900

Dr. d'Eon (902) 892-4444

Dr. Marla Peters and Dr. Jordan d'Eon welcome you to Gateway Dental, home to your friendly Charlottetown dentists!

At Gateway Dental, we’re pleased to provide you with quality dental care you can count on. Our team uses state of the art equipment in a warm, friendly environment to give you a fantastic experience with exceptional results. Whether you’re looking for fillings, teeth whitening, or basic cleaning, we will be sure to make you happy.

We are focused on complete oral care. At Gateway Dental we will teach you the importance of good oral health – keeping your smile strong through adopting healthy, hygienic habits to protect your teeth.

If you’re looking for a reliable, quality dentist in Charlottetown, visit Gateway Dental, where we’re eager to see your smile.

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Visit Dr. Marla Peters and Dr. Jordan d'Eon at their brand-new practice, Gateway Dental, conveniently located at 369 Grafton Street in Charlottetown.